Teeth Whitening

Dental Bleaching in Liverpool, NY

Teeth Whitening Liverpool NY - Today's DentistryMany patients list teeth color as their top cosmetic dental concern. Patients also commonly report frustration with the results they see from whitening products available at drugstores and grocery stores, but we have effective whitening solutions at Today's Dentistry that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

How Long Do Whitening Treatments Take?

We will fabricate custom whitening trays for your unique teeth arrangement. At your first office visit, we’ll take measurements for the trays. The second office visit will consist of fitting to make certain your trays are precise and comfortable.

Depending on the degree of whitening needed, you will wear your trays for 30 minute periods or overnight as you sleep.

Is Teeth Whitening Uncomfortable?

Patients sometimes experience some teeth sensitivity while whitening, but this issue will resolve once whitening is complete.

How Often is Whitening Needed?

The frequency of whitening treatments largely depends on your habits. For example, if you drink coffee or red wine often, you will need to whiten your teeth more frequently to maintain results.

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