Occlusal Guards and TMJ Treatment

Non-Surgical Relief for TMJ Problems in Liverpool, NY

Night Guards Liverpool NY - Today's DentistryYour temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are more commonly known as your jaws. Unfortunately, TMJ problems are common. These issues include headaches, jaw pain, stiffness, and even locking. Most TMJ problems originate from a misaligned bite and teeth grinding. However, successful treatment of TMJ disorders almost never requires surgery.

Instead, Dr. Pateras can create a custom bite splint – or occlusal guard – for you to wear during sleep. This guard will relieve pressure on your jaw and help to resolve your TMJ symptoms.

Why Do I Never Notice That I Grind My Teeth?

Often, teeth grinding occurs during sleep. This phenomenon is called bruxism and can be caused by stress, genetics, sleep apnea, and other issues. You may be completely unconscious of the habit.

Can’t I Just Get a Bite Splint Off the Shelf?

Off-the-shelf or one-size-fits-all bite splints are not helpful. A proper occlusal guard must be custom-made for your individual mouth. We need to ensure that your guard fits well and is comfortable to wear.

If you are experiencing jaw pain, frequent headaches, or other signs of TMJ, give Today's Dentistry a call at (315) 451-7890. We can help.