Complete and Partial Dentures

Tooth Replacement Options in Liverpool, NY

Dentures Liverpool NY - Today's DentistryDentures are sometimes the most cost-effective and convenient method of replacing missing teeth. Partial dentures replace several missing teeth on the upper or lower arch, while complete dentures replace an entire arch of absent teeth.

Why Not Just Leave Teeth Unreplaced?

Besides the fact that an incomplete smile is unattractive, missing teeth need to be replaced for several functional reasons. Missing teeth can allow remaining teeth to shift out of their proper positions. Additionally, leaving teeth unreplaced can result in loss of the bone beneath your gums.

Going through life without all your teeth can also negatively affect your speech, chewing ability, and facial structure.

How Many Appointments are Needed for New Dentures?

Every patient is a unique case, but it usually takes several weeks before your new dentures are finalized. During this time, the team at Today's Dentistry ensures that your dentures are high-quality and fit your mouth precisely.

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