Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Prevention in Liverpool, NY

Oral Cancer Screenings Liverpool NY - Today's DentistryOral cancer is an insidious and potentially deadly disease that can affect anyone. Approximately 7,000 deaths in the US are attributable to oral cancer every year. Dr. Pateras provides screenings at Today's Dentistry to detect oral cancer early when it is most treatable.

Doesn’t Oral Cancer Only Affect Smokers?

While individuals who smoke, use smokeless tobacco, or drink alcohol heavily are more likely to get oral cancer, the disease can also affect those who have never touched tobacco and abstain from alcohol.

Aren’t the Signs of Oral Cancer Obvious?

In the beginning stages, most forms of oral cancer are not readily apparent to patients. There is usually no pain and sometimes no obvious symptoms. It takes a trained and experienced dentist to recognize the signs of oral cancer before the disease progresses.

Is Oral Cancer Screening Uncomfortable?

No, examinations for oral cancer are completely painless and mainly consist of visual inspections. However, these exams are crucial for catching the disease in its early stages.

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