NTI Migraine Relief

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NTI therapy to prevent medically diagnosed migraine pain

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FDA Approved

In clinical trials accepted by the FDA, 82% of medically diagnosed migraine patients, each having at least two migaines per month (average 4) had a 77% reduction of migraine events within the first 8 weeks of nightly NTI use (which is 2x as effective as any currently accepted "preventive" drug, without any side effects).

Although intense nighttime grinding and clenching (nocturnal parafunction) is not the cause of migraines, its persistence is an enhancement to migraine triggers. By supressing the intensity of nighttime grinding and clenching, the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks can be greatly reduced, or eliminated.

The NTI is now cleared by the FDA for prevention of medically diagnosed pain and is covered by most insurance plans. It is the only appliance FDA approved for Migraine relief.






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